How to Deal with a Negative Client Review

As a business owner and beauty pro, you always want to make your clients happy and 100% satisfied with their appointment but reality is: negative reviews happen and it’s important to have a strategy for when they do. We asked GlossGenius professionals how they handle negative client feedback. Here’s what they shared:


“ALWAYS respond! Be professional and kind. Invite them to talk with you directly.” - Kayla Spencer, Hair Stylist & Owner of Created by Kayla Haircolor Studio

“I like to say ‘hear the message, don’t read the tone.’ I try to establish from the start that I’m open to feedback and strongly encourage conversation during the service. When that isn’t enough, you have to find the points made in the review. Too booked, poor time management etc. look internally and then MOVE ON!” - Chris Sabet, Hair Stylist & Owner of Chris Sabet

“Never take it personally!!  She got caught spending money on herself and her “other” didn’t like it. They minced words, while stewing about it, she forgot about her coffee which is now cold and in her frustration she stubbed her toe on her way to admire her new hair/brows/lashes, or lack there of, and suddenly, her bad day is your fault!! So much easier for her to take it out on an app than it is to face the fact that she is responsible for what she is experiencing on this day. It’s rarely your what do you do? You put on the white gloves and make it nice. If you can’t make it nice, take off your gloves, straighten your crown and get back to work.” - Diana McCauley, Esthetician & Owner of Dianalynn Esthetics

“I tell them ‘thank you for your feedback, I can understand how you may feel that way’ and offer a solution” - Amber Ternet, Hair Stylist & Owner of Hair By Amber Ternet

“You want to keep it about them always. I like to say, “I’m so sorry that you didn’t enjoy your experience. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I would love the opportunity to discuss this further to make this right for you.” Then, I call the client directly and don’t discuss the issue further publicly. I haven’t had one since starting gloss but this is how I have previously dealt with them on yelp.” - Lacey Messinger, Hair Stylist & Owner of Lace Luxury Haircare

“Get in contact, ask what can be done to be better and see if they are interested in still coming in.” - Lisa Seleschek, Nail Artist & Owner of Base Coast Nail Studio

I recently had this happen. I had a client that left a bad review because I was booked out so far that she wasn’t able to get in with me. I had never done her hair before. I think one thing to remember is that if handled properly a bad review can be just as good of advertisement as a good review. I make sure to use “I’m on your side language” (I.e. I understand your frustration, I’m always open to feedback and constructive criticism, thank you for bringing this to my attention, etc) while still addressing any issues. All the while being very careful not to argue. I think that just looks tacky. I always offer up a solution too (even if it’s not my fault I could say something like “because of your feedback I will update my policy ensure a better guest experience”) That way they know they are heard, their feelings are validated and some sort of a solution is offered. Side story, because of the lady who left a bad review I had almost 20 raving reviews from my current clients after they saw it. Because of those reviews I booked 3 new clients! (Who were fabulous btw). If I had handled it any other way I probably wouldn’t have received all the positive reviews or the new clients. End of the day everyone’s happy. - Candice Whitman, Hair Stylist & Owner of Candice L. Hayes-Whitman

“With thick skin & self reflection, they’re equally important! Know your worth & leave room to grow.” - Brittny Grubbs, Hair Stylist & Owner of Beauty by Brittny

Responding to reviews isn’t easy and if possible, it’s important to make your response public then take the discussion offline. As much as we hate to see a negative review, they are an amazing opportunity to turn it into a positive one.

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