10 Ideas to Add to Your Skincare Routine

What is the perfect skincare routine? It’s one of life’s most perplexing questions.

We would love to say that there is one surefire way to ensure that you have picture perfect skin all the time, but unfortunately, there is no such routine (at least not yet)! However, it’s easy to create your own skincare routine with remedies that work best for your skin type.

Stuck in a rut with your routine and feeling open to new techniques that really work? We have compiled a list of some of the best things you can do for your skin to keep it consistently glowing and looking its best. Some of these you’ve probably heard before, but what good is that if you’re not taking advantage of these tactics to make your skin glow?

Let’s begin!


1. Always Wear Sunscreen!

As much as we all love the latest primer craze that gave us products that can “magically make all pores disappear from our face,” these products are not always the healthiest for our skin.

Sunscreen, on the other hand, is a wonderful way to prime your skin before makeup and protect your face from the sun. There is an increasing number of sunscreens on the market today that are scentless and lightweight, designed specifically to be worn underneath makeup, so you are in luck!

If you invest in a good sunscreen, you are investing in good skin for the future!


2. Wash Your Face Daily

There will always be days that you get home and want nothing more than to climb into bed and do absolutely nothing else. While it may seem like a hassle, you must always wash your face and remove makeup from the day!

Realistically, it takes a few minutes to do something that will keep your skin healthy, so before you jump into bed, do yourself a favor and wash your face.


3. Regular Trips to the Dermatologist Are a Must

Even if you have incredibly healthy skin with little to no blemishes or irritation, it is still a good idea to visit the dermatologist when you can. Dermatologists are extremely educated in the field of skincare and can offer you some much-needed recommendations on products that can only help you to feel your best!

4. Read Product Labels

This tip is incredibly important and is something many of us forget to do! Whether it be a new foundation or a makeup remover, ensure that you know what ingredients are found in the product.

While many companies are becoming more aware of what goes into their products, there are still many on the market that contain harmful chemicals and drying agents. Again, these may affect you or they may not, but you should always be aware of what you are putting onto your skin!


5. Stick to One Brand

While we all share our preference of different products, and likely have a makeup bag filled with a variety of brands, it is usually a good idea to stick to one brand (if you can).

This is because ingredients used in these products usually work well with other products of the same brand. When you start to use a variety of brands, the ingredients are not designed to work together and can combat each other, causing skin irritations and other issues. The best way to avoid these concerns is to be loyal to a company whose products work best for you!


6. Use More Than One Product

We would love to say with confidence that you could use one product all over your face and be good to go. Unfortunately, many products are designed to tackle one issue, rather than be used as a cure-all.

The skin found underneath your eyes is very sensitive, so it makes sense that you should use a product that is less abrasive for this area. There are hundreds of options to choose from in the market, and you will be surprised at how refreshed and bright your skin will look if you take extra care of these spots!

Additionally, your lips can always use some extra treatment as well. Lip kits and lip masks are becoming incredibly popular, and with good reason! These products leave your lips hydrated and serve as a wonderful primer if you choose to put any color on later in the day. Check out some of our favorite lipsticks designed by someone who started out with a line of skincare products!

7. Clean Those Brushes!

It is annoying and almost always needed at an inconvenient time, but you should get in the habit of cleaning your brushes! Not only does it become harder to apply makeup or any product with a caked-up brush, but it also becomes a sanitary issue if you wait too long to clean them.

Germs and bacteria can fester on these brushes and you are essentially spreading them all over your face if you do not clean them. This can lead to other issues and irritations, so make this one of your top priorities!

8. Know Your Skin Type

Imagine this scenario: Your best friend comes over and raves about a new product she just bought and swears that it fixed all of her problems. What would you do right after hearing this? Probably go out and buy it for yourself!

While recommendations with makeup and beauty products can go a long way, you have to remember that your skin is unique and may be quite different than those around you. What might work for your best friend could wreak havoc on your skin!

When you are looking for new products, know whether your skin is dry or oily, or if it is easily irritated. If you are completely unsure, don’t be afraid to ask for help at your local makeup store; someone will be eager to help you make the best choice for your skin!


9. Visit a Salon

It might be surprising to hear, but some hair products can actually impact the health of your skin. If all else fails and you still feel like your skin is in need of some extra TLC, head to the salon!

Not only will they provide you with hair-care products that will help the overall health of your skin, but also some salons actually carry skincare products and can help you to get on a better and healthier routine!

Hairdressers and salon owners: make it easier than ever for your customers to book a slot with you by using the Gloss Genius app. No more leafing through your diary to ensure you can fit a client in – our system does all the work for you!

10. Smile!

This may be the easiest tip I have for you today! I’m sure you have all heard the old saying, “smiling uses fewer muscles than frowning.” While this may be scientifically debatable, smiling does help your skin!

Smiling regularly can help to strengthen the muscles in your face and keep them tight for many years to come. So, surround yourself with the people who make you smile and get to taking care of that skin!