Star Studded Members End of Summer 2019


Congratulations to these GlossGenius members who have reached 200 client reviews. We know how much hard work, thought and care goes into earning 5-Star Reviews and we want to highlight and celebrate these members as Star Studded Members by GlossGenius!


1) Dahlia Rodriguez, Esthetician & The Wax Bar

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IMG_0446 2.jpeg

2) Brittany Smith, Esthetician & Owner of Bare Expectations Waxing Studio

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Screenshot 2019-08-23 14.39.59.jpeg

3) Abigail Drake, Esthetician & Owner of Beauty Squared

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4) Joanne Martinez, Esthetician & Owner of The Powder Room by Joanne

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5) Lisa Diaw, Massage Therapist & Owner of Elite Massage and Body Work

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20190707_101053 2.jpeg

6) Endia President, Hairstylist & Owner of Essence of Beauty & Day Spa

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7) Gwendolyn Jefferies Galmon, Esthetician & Owner of Naturally Beyoutiful

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Screenshot 2019-08-23 15.18.10.jpeg

8) Nikki Barclay, Esthetician & Owner of Abella Day Spa

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IMG_0447 2.jpeg

9) Erica Edwards-Holland, Hairstylist & Owner of Sugar Bliss by Erica

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Not Pictured: 10) Dustin Moser, Hairstylist & Owner of Studio & Mikaela Haugan, Hairstylist & Owner of American Man

We’re so inspired by members like these since they’re redefining what 5-star client work means. At GlossGenius, we’re happy we could play a small part in letting them thrive with an easy system to collect client reviews. If you’re interested in GlossGenius and in learning how you can get more client love, check it out here.

We’ll be looking out for more Star Studded members in the GlossGenius community and will be featuring them next quarter!

Alyssa Camille