How to Organize Your Appointments with Service Colors!

As a business owner, we know you spend a good chunk of our time organizing your days.


Every morning, you need to know which clients you’re seeing and what services they’re coming in for. You prepare to make sure you give them a 5-star experience. And now, we’re introducing the ability for you to customize the colors of your appointment you can make your calendar as unique and beautiful as your services! 🙌🏼

You inspire us with your work, so we’re hoping to inspire you with some new color ideas we’ve put together. Want your daily view to look like this?


Or this?

You can choose from a selection of 18 beautiful colors to organize and color-code services on your appointment schedule. You’re going to love that the colors can give you a quick way to look at your schedule and the types of appointments you have at a glance!  

We’re excited to help you take control of your day and make your GlossGenius calendar your own.

So what color combos will you create?!

We can’t wait to see your beautiful calendars! Comment below to share your fav color combos, or tell us on social!

P.s. To get the new updates:

  • For any existing GlossGenius member, update your app in the App Store to the most current version and you’ll have immediate access to these beautiful colors when adding a new service or updating an existing one.

  • For anyone who isn’t a GlossGenius member, join our family of business owners taking it to the next level and take control of your schedule!

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