Q&A with Melissa Flathers

We had such a great time getting to know Melissa Flathers! This California-based high contrast color and texture artist tells us about how she creates an intimate experience for her clients and how she keeps up to date on trends. Keep reading to learn about how GlossGenius has helped her to avoid cancellations and no-shows!

Stylist: Melissa Flathers

Handle: @melissadoesyourdo

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GlossGenius Booking Site: http://meldoesyourdo.glossgenius.com

Bonafides:  In 2009 I finished cosmetology school and got my license and an Advanced Extensions Technique certificate from Rockstar Hair Extensions. Since then, I’ve become certified in all of Pravana’s product lines and techniques, HairTreats Hair Extensions, L’Oréal balayage techniques, and in the next year I am planning on taking the Natural Beaded Rows Extensions certification course.

Specialty: I love everything, but I'm most known for my high-contrast blondes and lived-in texture.

What’s your secret weapon? Schwarzkopf BlondeMe and Loma texturizing spray, lots of it!

What’s your current beauty obsession? Subtle statements, like a touch of blush pink as you push your hair behind your ear, or a dainty undercut.

Who inspires you? My clients! They're all so diverse and trendy. Hairdressers that inspire me are Jonathan Van Ness, Bianca Hillier, Justin Anderson, Riawna Capri, Nikki Lee, and Tabitha Dueñas. I use a lot of their techniques in my work,

Tell us about your salon! What’s behind the name? The brand? I work at a salon called Innov8 Hair Design in Long Beach, CA. We're an eco-friendly, animal-friendly salon a couple blocks away from the beach. We're small - there's only 4 chairs, but that's part of our appeal. It's a more intimate experience for our clients.


If you could do anyones [hair, nails, makeup, etc.] who would it be? Probably Selena Gomez. She's so pretty and looks like a lot of fun to hang out with.

What advice would you give to a new Independent Professional? Take a social media class yearly! The way clients access professionals are constantly changing, and it's up to us and only us to make sure that we stay visible.

What’s your favorite GlossGenius feature? The automatic text confirmations and cancellation policy customization options! I haven't had a single no-show since implementing GlossGenius.


What makes you a #GlossBoss? I'm not afraid to push the limit while delivering consistent results for my clients. I'm also not afraid to stick up for myself and assert my "executive opinion" with difficult clients, if need be.

Thanks for chatting with us Melissa and thanks for being a #GlossBoss!

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