Building Your Brand: LavishBedHead by Jazmine

A beautifully designed personal booking website goes a long way. It’s one of the first impressions that potential clients have of you. That’s why we designed an elegant, professional booking site to help you impress clients. Professionals customize their site with creative content like a background picture, photos of their work, a personal bio, info about their business, etc.

We’ve seen so many STUNNING booking sites that GlossGenius professionals have created to step up their business brand and we’re featuring them so we can share them with you. Click through them, use them for inspiration, and let us know if you see any other personal sites that you’d like us to feature!

Our Personal Site of this Week is Jazmine Yamamoto’s.

About Jazmine: Jazmine is a #GlossBoss who is located in Florida. She specializes in hair styling, offering services for coloring, cutting, and styling.

Here’s why we LOVE Jazmine’s site:

1. Unique URL:

Rather than using her own name for the URL, Jazmine customized an instantly memorable URL!

2. Professional Front Page Photo:

  • Shows Jazmine’s professionalism: The high-resolution photo shows that Jazmine is focused and hard at work, an image which clients like to see.

  • Highlights her client: Although there are multiple people in the photo, your eyes are automatically drawn to the lightest colors in the photo -- the highlights in the client’s hair. This photo effectively communicates Jazmine’s specialty to her clients.

3. Effective Categorization of Services:

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.44.39 PM.png

Jazmine’s divided her extensive list of services into three categories: Color, haircuts, and styling. By classifying her services, Jazmine gives her clients a streamlined way to find the ones they want when booking an appointment.

4. Location Options for Client Convenience

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.45.33 PM.png

Even though she has a studio location, Jazmine knows that some of her clients prefer to have their appointments at home. Jazmine also recognizes that a client whose needs and wants have been fulfilled is a happy client. That’s why she allows her clients to choose their location preference on her online booking page.

Keep your eyes out for our next feature and start thinking -- what will your business brand look like? DM us on Instagram @glossgenius if you want to share any cool personal booking sitess on GlossGenius that you’ve seen as well!

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