6 Money Saving Hacks That Other Beauty Professionals Are Using


2. Find a payment processor with low rates, no long term contracts, and quick transfer timing.

Fees can add up when you’re processing credit cards! You’ll want to find a payment processor that offers the lowest rates possible while also being safe and secure to use. For example, GlossGenius’s built-in payment payment processor offers super simple & low rates at 2.6%, no contracts or hidden fees and ultra fast transfers. See this for more info.

option to customize how you split the 2.6% credit card fee with clients.

3. Keep a separate bank account

It’s always a good idea to keep your personal finances separate from your business finances. If you want to pay yourself, have the bank transfer money from your business banking account to your personal banking account.

Using a separate account will help you track your expenses more effectively. It will make it easier for you to budget expenses, since it’s easier to see line-for-line what you’re spending money on.

4. Create a cancellation policy to protect yourself from no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Give clients a kind reminder upfront that they will be charged if they cancel appointments last-minute or fail to show up to an appointment.

For example, GlossGenius gives professionals the option to set up a cancellation policy and require credit cards up front. Even though the client is never charged up front, GlossGenius professionals have noticed a significant drop-off in no-shows and last-minute cancellations!

5. You can recycle old MAC, Kiehl's, and Lush containers to get free products in return.

Check out each store's policy for details: MAC / KIEHL'S / LUSH.

6. Quick Make-Up Fixes:

  • Fix broken lipstick by using a match or hairdryer to heat it up: See here

  • Fix broken eyeshadows and pressed powders with some rubbing alcohol. See here

  • To prevent compacts from breaking in your bag, put a cotton ball or round inside.

  • Learn how to depot eyeshadows: See here

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