How to Set A Productive, Healthy Schedule for Yourself


The Basics: Structuring Your Time

Set Your Business Hours for Appointments:

Sit down and mark what hours you’re actually available: Do you have to take evenings off to take care of family? Do you have to take mornings off to work part-time elsewhere? Adjust your business hours accordingly!

Remember to consider when people book appointments most often: 

  • Thursday through Sunday is usually the busiest time for beauty professionals.

  • When seasons change, people are more likely to change up their looks.

  • Everyone wants to look AMAZING for the holiday season, so sales always go up right before the holidays start.

Block out Personal Time:

The best part of working independently is that you don’t need to be a slave to the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Take time for yourself when you need it!

  • You can schedule “personal blocks” for meals, doctors appointments, family time and more in the GlossGenius app. Even if you’ve enabled online booking, clients won’t be able to book you for those personal blocks.

  • You can also sync your personal calendar to GlossGenius easily so that you can see all of your events in the GlossGenius calendar.

Remember to Also Set:

  • Rental Payments: Never miss a payment. Schedule a monthly reminder in your calendar!

  • Product Restocking Dates: Keep track of when you’ll need to order new products. Some professionals like to set a reminder if they run out of stock over a certain period!

  • Appointment Notifications: Show clients that you take your business seriously and value their schedule by taking the initiative to notify clients about appointments. You can easily control what reminders and confirmations you want to send to clients through GlossGenius. And you don’t have to lift a finger to send them--they’re all sent automatically!

Productivity Hacks: Making the Most of Your Time

  • Prioritize. Label urgent tasks as “priority 1”, important tasks as “priority 2”, and least urgent tasks asare “priority 3.” Focus on priority 1 tasks first and spend less time worrying about priority 3 tasks.

  • Take Client Notes. After appointments, if you take a few minutes to write down your client’s preferences, you’ll save time at your next appointment by having the right products ready to go! GlossGenius makes this easy by sending you reminders to take notes.

  • Add Plants and Art To Your Workspace. Research has shown that plants and color seem to increase happiness, creativity, and productivity in workspaces.

  • Play medium-volume music in your salon. Research suggests that music (any kind!), when played at a moderate volume, can improve productivity! It can also help boost the mood in your studio:)

  • Announce your goals. Tell people about what you want to achieve so that you’ll feel more accountable towards them. Be ambitious! Set your sales goals high, increase the number of new clients, and unleash your creativity :) And when you achieve your goals...announce your achievements proudly. Post about it on social media. Talk about it. Let people know that you’re a #glossboss.

"Prepare while others are playing and dream while others are wishing."

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