5 Ways to Boost Client Loyalty

Imagine if every new client that walked in the door became a permanent addition to your book of business. In our industry, a referral is the best compliment a client can give and the opportunity for referrals to you from solid clients can be endless! 

Now, we know all you GlossBosses have unparalleled talent but you can’t just rely on good service to keep them in your chair. What are some other strategies you can use to increase your client loyalty? Learn some of our secrets down below to insure that they keep coming back! 


1) Build Trust from the Start

Allow a 15 minute consultation before the initial service begins and really take this time to listen and mentally prepare on how you’re going to fulfill your clients wants a needs. Within these 15 minutes, they can start to feel comfortable and the easy flow of conversation begins. Ask them how they’ve been since they last seen you and if there have been any concerns since. If they’re a new client, use this time to make them feel confident that you have their best interests at heart. 

2) Build a Client Profile

Remember the important things, whether it’s their birthday, anniversaries, or milestones in their career. Also keep track of their service history with you. Color formulas, hair styles, hair cuts - take a mental note or better yet, you can keep track of all of this in their client information right in your GlossGenius app! Make it transparent with your clients that you know all about their needs, wants, and the history of their sessions with you, making them feel as if no one knows them better than you! 

3) Be an Expert

…or shall we say Genius?! Becoming an advocate or an educator for your clients will build confidence and trust in your relationship. The best way to be an expert at what you do is by micro-specializing your services in your industry. With taking ownership and authority over your craft, you’re more likely to build your client list by being known to be the best of the best! 

4) TakeAways

Never let a client walk out empty handed. Create something tangible that clients can take with them besides just their beauty service they received. Whether that’s a business card, loyalty punch card, or product samples! This easily creates opportunity for referrals, a surprise reminder to re-book in their purse or a dying need to purchase a full-size product from you that they fell in love with! 

Need some lux business cards? Easily snatch some with our referral program! Go to the "Referrals" mini-app in your GlossGenius account for more info!

5) Follow Up

Check in with your clients a few days after their appointment to see how they’re liking everything post-service. Better yet, if there’s a special occasion they mentioned, reach out asking how it went! Doing so lets your clients know you care about them beyond the service they received from you. Let them know you can’t wait to hear updates on their life when they’ll be back. Say something along the lines of “Can’t wait to hear all about it next time you’re in!” By doing this, you’ve already planted the thought in their head that they’re going to see you again! 

Let GlossUp or eMailer make this easy for you and reach out to all of the clients you saw that day at once! 

Client loyalty is crucial to your beauty business. It’s not just important to push your efforts to win new clients but retaining your current customers as well for a successful career. With these tips, you’re sure to see them coming back for more! The real key overall is to make your clients feel special. Make them feel as if they’re not just another client walking through the door but a friend you’re always excited to see. 

GlossGenius has built-in tools to boost client loyalty and client retention. Sign up for your free 14-day trial here!

Alyssa Camille