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Photo from  Nativa World

Photo from Nativa World


In today’s day and age, everyone is in a rush. We’re always rushing to catch a train or a meeting and often you have little time to do your makeup.To Jennifer Kapahi, beauty shouldn’t be compromised. As a modern woman herself, Jennifer knows the struggle of not having enough hours in a day. So she created Trestique as the solution to staying glam while staying on schedule. Trestique is made for the woman on-the-go. All of their products have a two-in-one system,  which promises to cut down on your makeup time as well as lighten your bag.


Why Do We Love Them?

Jennifer’s love for makeup has steered her career choices.. She was a makeup artists all throughout high school and college. Her makeup obsession soon became a fullcareer when she was able to land jobs at Revlon and Intercos. She took her experience there and thought about how she could introduce innovation into beauty products for the modern, on-the-go woman.  From there, Trestique was born.

Jennifer and her co-founder Jack Bensason created Trestique with the promise to make beauty simpler. They cater to the woman who wants to look glam but has no time to rummage around her collection trying to find the perfect tools for the job. Trestique has a patented design that allows you to have your makeup and your tools all-in-one. heir products can help you could do your entire makeup in just 5 minutes (talk about a time saver!). They are actually the first company to market a 2-in-1 product. Because of their multitasking products, your makeup bag will be a little lighter as well. No need to lug around all those products and tools when you got it all in a compact and sleek container.

Trestique got started in 2015 and people are quickly taking notice. In the span of just one year, they were able to grow their company to the point where they're even selling their products on QVC (a very coveted spot too). Can’t wait to see more!

Here are some of our favorite looks featuring Trestique Products...

What Are Our Favorites?

We are always on the go, and Trestique's Blush Stick's are our favorite to give you that healthy glow on the go! 


Let us know how you got glam on the go with Trestique!

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