#GiveMeIndie: OFRA Cosmetics

Photo from  TheMakeupShow

Photo from TheMakeupShow


Ofra Gaito has been in the beauty industry for decades (not that you'd know it, look at her! Woman is ageless). She's taken her years of experience and channeled them into creating her own makeup company, OFRA cosmetics

OFRA Cosmetics is a powerhouse. They not only create makeup in-house, but also manufacture products for companies all over the world. With her high standards and internationally known labs, Ofra is able to offer luxurious product as a fraction of the price.

Why Do We Love Them?

Ofra Gaito is experienced. Really experienced. She started her career as a makeup artist and esthetician in 1970. Ofra travelled all over the world learning techniques and working for other brands. During that time, she worked hard and was able to earn a CIDESCO diploma (the highest and most prestigious certification around. Can you say #GlossBoss?). We love that, not only has Ofra earned basically a PhD in beauty, but she's shaped her company with the same set of high standards.

Ofra started off with a chain of salons and spas in Europe. She was able to build over 400 locations with her husband David and expanded to distribute products for other companies. After conquering the European market like the queen she is, Ofra expanded to the United States and brought her high quality and affordable products to the new world. 

Ofra began with a skincare line and has since expanded to makeup. And that makeup? It has made a serious splash in the beauty industry. Some of their best known products are their liquid lipsticks and with collaborations with people like MannyMUA and KathleenLights, Ofra is taking the internet by storm, too! Since OFRA Cosmetics has their own lab, Ofra is free to set her own production standards...which is why the products speak for themselves.

Ofra is a true queen of the beauty industry. She has taken all her experiences to create a new standard in cosmetics. And GlossGenius is not the only one to recognize this. With clients ranging from the Miss Universe franchise to multiple celebrities, the sky's the limit to Ofra and she's showing no signs of slowing down.

Here are some of our favorite looks using OFRA Cosmetics...

What Are Our Favorites?

While the range of colors of their liquid lipstick is huge, we're completely in love with Manhattan and Atlantic City (okay, so maybe we're a little biased with the NYC names). Their formula is super comfortable and feels incredibly luxurious. 

Let us know your favorite gems in Ofra's product line

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