Artist Feature: Alexandria

Alexandria Betances

a #GlossBoss with true grit and glam!

Alexandria’s career in beauty started with hair, but it wasn’t until she put down the scissors and picked up the eyeshadow that she realized her true passion -- makeup! And wait until you check out her work. It’s vibrant. It’s rich. It’s shimmery. It’s perfect. It’s basically genius.

We did a little Q&A with this brilliant artist, who has been using GlossGenius to manage her business.

#GlossBoss Alexandria on her way to work as a Sephora Senior Artist

#GlossBoss Alexandria on her way to work as a Sephora Senior Artist


GG: How long have you been doing makeup and how did you get started?

Alexandria: I've been doing makeup for about 5 years now. Ever since high school I’ve loved glamming people up.  Seeing how makeup can enhance beauty is amazing to me. After finishing high school , I went to cosmetology school. I worked in a couple salons doing hair but I would light up each time I did someone's makeup. I applied to Sephora 3 years ago and have since grown tremendously with my artistry. I started as a regular makeup artist and am now one of only six senior artists six in my district!

I definitely live by the motto “practice makes perfect”
— Alexandria

GG: Where do you get inspiration from?

Alexandria: When I started doing makeup, my inspiration was from YouTube. I used to watch people like Dulce Candy, Nicole Guerriero and NikkieTutorials, but now my inspiration is from celebrity makeup artists such as Danessa Myricks, Marina Rumppe and Hrush Achemyan.


GG: What is your 'signature look'? What makeup styles do you love doing?

Alexandria: My signature look would have to be a warm-tone smokey eye. I love using rustic oranges, rich chocolate browns and gold metallics or shimmer, as well as doing colorful eye looks with glitter.

I don't have a comfort zone when it comes to makeup because at the end of the day, it can come off!

We agree, those warm-tones look great on her!

We agree, those warm-tones look great on her!

GG: What's your favorite beauty trick?

Alexandria: My favorite beauty trick is using a glitter glue primer as a base for shimmer eye shadows. It takes any eyeshadow from level 6 to 10 instantly! It looks more pigmented, has no fall out, and has more of a metallic look!

GG: What is it that keeps your clients always coming back to you? What do they love about you?

Alexandria: What keeps clients coming back to me is my quality of work and my personality. I'm very fun and outgoing, and you can see how passionate I am about makeup. Any time I finish a step on a clients face, I take a step back to check my work and I always say a comment like "Girl your eyes are looking so good!" Or "Yass you are going to love when you see the end result!". They love to hear how excited I get doing their makeup.

Here are some of Alexandria's beautiful clients...

GG: What are your goals with your makeup business in 2016?

Alexandria: My goals for my business in 2016 are to continue growing it and to make it well-known in my area.

(Side Note: such a #GlossBoss)

GG: What's your favorite thing about GlossGenius? How has GlossGenius helped your business?

Alexandria: My favorite thing about GlossGenius is how easy it is for me to use to help my business and to stay organized. It has helped me tremendously with having the list of all my services and the prices of each one, as well as being able to customize my schedule. I love the pretty confirmations it sends to my clients before their appointments too! All of this helps me look and feel professional to my clients, who love that GlossGenius is so easy to use and navigate. I'm truly blessed that I was told about GlossGenius and I would recommend any artist to use it!

Alexandria is definitely one to watch and we can’t wait to see the waves she makes in this industry as she charges ahead with her passion, glam, grit and natural gift for makeup artistry.  If you live near Lakeland, Florida, we encourage you to book with Alexandria!  Check out her page here.

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