#GiveMeIndie: Thrive Causemetics

Photo from Thrive Causemetics

Photo from Thrive Causemetics


When struck with the tragedy of losing her friend to cancer, Karissa Bodnar channeled her grief into making a difference through cosmetics (or Causemetics). Thrive Causemetics is way more than just a cosmetics company--it is Karissa’s way to honor those women who are battling cancer by helping them look and feel beautiful with innovative, high quality products. Beneath the surface, Karissa and her company are doing something no other beauty company can do--they’re helping these women “thrive” during difficult times. They first started helping women thrive with their line of lashes and have now expanded their product line to a wider range of cosmetics.

Why Do We Love Them?

Karissa built deep experience in product development having worked for prestigious companies such as L’Oreal and Clarisonic. Karissa's loss of her friend, Kristy, to cancer, was a pivotal moment of inspiration for her and what would then become Thrive Causemetics. She saw a shortcoming with lashes in the market--the fact that they all required a woman to have natural lashes to support the faux ones--otherwise they wouldn't stay on. There wasn't a solution for women with little to no natural lashes, particularly those that had lost their natural lashes to cancer. Motivated by Kristy’s hair loss during chemotherapy, Karissa developed a new lash that stuck directly to the eyelid. From there, the first product of Thrive Causemetics was created.

While Thrive Causemetics has already touched the hearts and minds of all sorts of beauty junkies, Karissa and her company are really only just getting started. They've already launched a line of lashes made specifically for women who lost their own, as well as a variety of eye products and blushes. Thrive Causemetics uses top of the line ingredients and sets a gold standard for purity, as their products are safe enough for women with cancer, are all natural and free from any of those pesky parabens that keep showing up in our makeup. Aside from creating a new kind of lash and top notch products, Thrive is doing something equally as beautiful with their "Beauty with a Purpose" mission. For every product bought, Thrive donates one to a woman with cancer. How beautiful is it that women can help other women out simply by buying a pair of lashes? 

Karissa and Thrive Causemetics...you're redefining what it means to look and feel beautiful when you wear makeup. What a #GlossBoss. 

Here are some of our favorite looks using Thrive Causemetics...

What Are Our Favorites?

We adore all of the Triple Threat Color Stick! It's versatility, unique formula and built in brush make it's name true to form

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