#GiveMeIndie: ColourPop


ColourPop cosmetics is known as the makeup line for “cool kids”. While only two years young, they’ve taken the beauty community by storm. Collaborating with influencers like KathleenLights and CoffeeBreakWithDani, ColourPop is aimed for millennial makeup lovers. As one of the most engaged companies on Instagram, they've been crowned the first company to be “Insta-Famous”. Not to mention...they have an incredibly affordable product line: all of their cosmetics cost $10 and under, which is much less than other beauty brands.

Why Do We Love Them? 

Before ColourPop was created, the entrepreneurial sibling duo John and Laura Nelson founded Seed Beauty, a beauty incubator with a new approach to making products. The “old way” of making makeup required a long process of product development, testing and other steps that only pushed back the products’ release date. Seed Beauty is all about quick product development. They could have an idea for a new shade of lipstick on Monday and have a finished product ready for sale on Friday. John and Laura applied this system to a company they created we now know as ColourPop and the sales took off. Brilliant.

ColourPop initially launched in 2014 with 31 shades of eyeshadows. Their shadows have a unique (some say bouncy) texture to them. But 31 shades was only the start--to this day, they're constantly developing new products and always asking their followers for opinions.  If you’ve ever commented on their Instagram expressing your want for a blue matte lipstick, chances are they’ll make it. They constantly involve their followers when it comes to naming new shades--with this kind of welcoming approach and the way they've opened their doors to the beauty community, it’s easy to see how anyone can get hooked on ColourPop! #GiveMeColourPop.

ColourPop is all about allowing beauty enthusiasts to experiment without breaking the bank. With their trendy shades and engaged community, it's no wonder that their products sell out in minutes (who else missed out on the Churro Highlighter?!? Maybe next time). Though John and Laura do not want to be the face of the company, ColourPop speaks for itself. With ColourPop, anyone can be one of the cool kids.

Here are some of our favorite looks featuring ColourPop...

What Are Our Favorites? 

While ColourPop is known for their lip products, we are absolutely in love with their highlighter

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