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Makeup Geek (or MUG to the cool kids) was created by Marlena Stell. Before her cosmetics line, Marlena started a YouTube channel in 2008, where she was able to share her passion of makeup. She took her background in education and her passion for teaching and made colorful, informative videos. Makeup Geek was then born. She started her cosmetics line in 2012 with 50 shades of eyeshadows running at $6 a pan and she is constantly in the process of creating new products.

Why Do We Love Them?

Before embarking on creating her cosmetics line, Marlena did her research. Lots of it. She spent a long time going back and forth between consumers and manufacturers to understand what really goes into creating a makeup brand. She was unhappy with how bigger makeup companies operated and shocked at the high product markups they placed on mediocre makeup. She believed that high quality beauty products can be sold at affordable prices.

She officially launched her cosmetics line with a promise to stay true to her word and only sell top quality products. Makeup Geek products range from $6-$10...so they're affordable and remarkable. Through her ability to connect to her subscribers on social media and organic word of mouth, the makeup started flying off the shelves. In 2015, Makeup Geek was ranked as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing women-led companies in America. Umm... Marlena, what a #GlossBoss. 

Marlena is not only selling a brand, but also building a community of makeup lovers ready to learn from her. The education she gives to her audience is powerful, showing them how to look beautiful and most importantly, emphasizing the importance of feeling beautiful. She believes that makeup “... isn’t a mask or a way to hide, but more like a way to shine”. Marlena, you really do shine to us ;)

Here are some of our favorite looks featuring MUG products... 

What are our favorites?

At only $6 a pan and the ever-growing variety, her eyeshadows have made their way into our everyday routine. We love using Peacock as a little pop of color. 

Let us know what you've learned from Marlena! 

Stay Glossed, 

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