#GiveMeIndie: Jeffree Star

Photo from  Bustle.com

Photo from Bustle.com


For a while, Jeffree Star was known as the pink haired singer from Myspace. Nowadays, he's put down the microphone and picked up a lipstick wand. While his cosmetics brand is only two years young, Jeffree's passion for makeup dates back to when he was just 13 years old. Fast forward a few years and he's channeled his neon and outlandish style into making his cosmetics line. With unique liquid lipstick shades (I mean, have you ever seen a yellow lipstick?) and even more products in the works, it's no wonder why Jeffree's products have a cult-like following. 

Why Do We Love Them?

To Jeffree, there was a lull in the makeup industry. He found that most brands offered the same boring lipstick over and over again. He asked himself where is the creativity and innovation in these makeup brands? Where were the inventive colors? He also saw a problem in most liquid lipstick formulas. He found that they were drying and didn't last on the lips (side note: thank goodness someone was listening!). With those problems in mind, he risked his life savings and spent six months perfecting a formula for a liquid lipstick.

In 2014, he officially launched his makeup line with three bright lipsticks. Jeffree was never the conventional type, and his cosmetics line was not going to be any different. Since then, they've expanded to a greater variety of colors. His lipstick shades will definitely turn some heads. With shades ranging from (literally) black and white, his lipsticks are for those with a bold heart and a daring mind. Jeffree modeled his brand on creativity and to never be afraid of experimenting. His liquid lipsticks are the only brand so far to be deemed "eye safe" so it's nearly impossible not to get inspired with his products. 

Jeffree inspires those that buy his products to think outside of the box. He is often seen flaunting his larger-than-life personality and through his makeup, encourages all to do the same. His unconventional colors are nurturing many budding makeup artists to be innovative and to not be afraid to play with cosmetics. As Jeffree would say "it's just makeup, it washes off". Jeffree, the color you've given to the industry won't ever wash off ;)

Here are some of our favorite looks featuring Jeffree's Products: 

What Are Our Favorites? 

We would be remiss if we didn't say that his liquid lipsticks are our favorites! We are smitten with Celebrity Skin! It is the perfect nude for pretty much any skin tone. 


Let us know how you've dared to be bold with Jeffree!

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