What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Hairstylists and Makeup Artists

Like hairstylists and makeup artists, entrepreneurs have to see the world differently and come up with innovative solutions that make others happier. So what can entrepreneurs learn from hairstylists and makeup artists? Here’s 5 traits of hairstylists and makeup artists that all entrepreneurs should look up to: 

1. Hairstylists and makeup artists constantly innovate and are comfortable taking risk

Hairstylists and makeup artists are at the forefront of aesthetic experimentation. They’re constantly coming up with and trying out edgy new styles and ways to apply products so they can deliver better results to their clients. Entrepreneurs should be just as comfortable trying out new ideas with the end goal of bringing out the best in their customers. 

2. Hairstylists and makeup artists can connect with clients like no one else

Hairstylists and makeup artists truly care about their clients and have a strong desire to find and create new connections with clients, continually learning more about them and remembering details about their lives as their working relationship develops. Entrepreneurs should emulate the same sense of empathy for their customers, following their paths and learning ever more about them as your company’s relationship with them evolves. Just like hairstylists and makeup artists, entrepreneurs can use empathy to develop deeper connections with customers and scope out more.  

3. Hairstylists and makeup artists can inspire clients to get what they didn’t even know they wanted

There can’t be another group of people that knows this better than hairstylists and makeup artists: people don’t know what they want until you give it to them. Because they think creatively and have the skills to implement their visions for their clients, hairstylists and makeup artists have a unique ability to deliver looks to clients that clients themselves didn’t even know they wanted. Like hairstylists and makeup artists, entrepreneurs should be thinking about ways to inspire their customers with their vision.

4. Hairstylists and makeup artists are passionate about what they do

Ask around. No one has ever met a hairstylist or makeup artist that wasn’t passionate about what they did. Hairstylists and makeup artists turn to their profession because they love the creativity, their clients, the constantly changing trends. If you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t love everything about what you do, rethink if that’s the right path for you. 

5. Hairstylists and makeup artists can adapt easily

When obstacles come up, hairstylists and makeup artists adapt. It happens all the time — the color didn’t look as planned on a client’s hair, possibly because of the chemical and textural composition of a client’s hair. Or makeup isn’t blending well because a client’s face is overly dry. When obstacles come up, entrepreneurs should adapt and work to fix them.