One Secret About Hairstylists that Salons Are Hiding

There’s a secret about hairstylists that salons are hiding. But first, some background. The beauty business has many ugly realities, one of which is that some hairstylists pay 30-65% commission on their earnings to the salons they work at, if they’re not independent or sole proprietors. Imagine serving a client that you’ve worked hard to make happy and then losing 65% of what that client pays for the service. Yeah, that’s how it feels. you’ve received some background. Think you know the secret? I’ll give you something else to think about before I tell you the secret: hairstylists have an entrepreneurial mindset. we know that some salons take a huge amount of commission and hairstylists have an entrepreneurial mindset. What’s the secret then? 

Here’s the secret: most hairstylists at salons actually do house calls and will give you a better in-home experience than you could ever get at the salon. Curious? Meet a hairstylist and ask her/him if they do house calls. Chances are, they’ll excitingly say yes.