What photos should I use to show off my work and services?

Photos are a fantastic way to show what you can do. Here are some quick tips on how to take and choose photos that will highlight your work and services:

  • Don’t forget to take before and after photos for all the work you do. Even if you don’t end up using them, they come in handy more often than not.
  • Use collages for an informative display and fresh look. Hint: create before and after collages!
  • Photograph your subjects in bright indoor light or in full sunlight. A camera flash produces a harsh, unflattering light so try to avoid having it on.
  • PRO TIP!: Have a ring light handy? Place this in front of your clients before you photograph them. Ring lights will add flattering light and make your client’s eyes stand out. If you don’t have a ring light, here’s an awesome DIY hack with a computer or monitor screen: http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-use-your-monitor-or-tv-as-a-ring-light/
  • If you’re taking photos of yourself, choose a nice background -- not a restroom!
  • Use a variety of friends and clients in your photos. You’ll look more popular :) Having a variety of people in your photos also allows you to promote the versatility of your work on multiple hair or skin types. 

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