How to market yourself through email newsletters

Email marketing is a powerful way to market yourself. It’s an effective way to get existing and potential clients back to a personal page of yours and eventually book an appointment with you. Here are some ideas:

  • Halloween is coming up. If you’re a makeup artist and can do halloween makeup well, send your circle of clients an email newsletter that shows off some examples (pictures) of halloween looks you can do.
  • Winter holidays are coming up. If you’re a makeup or hairstylist, send clients a cute holiday greeting. Throw in mention about glamorous holiday looks you can do. What styles do you like now? Metallic-toned eyes with dewy gold shimmer? Teased retro style hair? Inspire clients! You’re the pro and you know how to make them look good. Show it!
  • Collection of your work. Send a newsletter that highlights a collection of styles you’ve done — include 2 or 4 pictures. It can be as simple as “this is some work I’m doing now that’s popular among clients” or “these looks are classic favorites”.
  • Collection of work you find interesting. Even if you have a few images or links you found on Pinterest or another online site that you really liked but weren’t your own work, send them in an email to clients and tell them what’s trending.

In the bottom of the email, put a clear call to action for your clients. Tell them “Book your next appointment with me” and insert a link to a booking tool through which they can directly book you.
And use a pretty email template. Remember, you’re in the beauty business honey. You make others look good. You need to represent your brand and your profession, which means communication you send them should be beautiful. Stand out with beautiful email templates that are easy to use at GlossGenius

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