How to get clients to book another appointment with you

So a client booked an appointment with you but you haven’t seen her/him in a while. More often than not, clients get busy and they forget that they need maintenance. 

The best way to bring clients back is to be personal. Show you care. Here's three easy ways to remind your client that you're there for them.

1. Send an email with style inspiration

The easiest, most effective and least awkward way to engage with them is to send them a pretty email. If you’re a hairstylist, mention you saw a hairstyle and thought it would look great on them. It can be a similar hairstyle they’ve gotten before or a completely new one.

It’s your call what kind of inspirational looks to send them but here are some helpful guidelines: If your client is more conservative, choose a link to a style similar to one they’ve gotten with you before. If your client likes to experiment more with different looks, send a link to a new trend or bold new look you think would look good.

You can also tailor the message to a season. Remind them to brighten up their look for summer with bolder highlights or tone it down for winter. Do glamorous makeup or updos? Send them an email around the holidays with pictures of your work and remind them you’re there. 
Make sure to add links to a personal page and give them an easy, professional way to book appointments with you. 

2. Send out a personalized text message with news or a promo

If you're having a slow day, take a few minutes to send some texts to your clients. Here are a few things you could send them in those texts:

  • Let them know that you're currently accepting appointments
  • Offer them a discount if they bring a friend tomorrow
  • Remind them that it's been X months since they've come in.

It might seem time consuming to send individual, personalized texts to each client. However, GlossGenius has developed text message marketing technology which enables you to send personalized texts to many clients at once.

Take a look at how one GlossGenius stylist used the text message marketing feature to get 15 bookings in less than an hour.

3. Remember the little details

You've probably had really interesting conversations with some of your clients. They tell you about their great vacation they'll be going on in a few months, the dog they've just gotten, the drama with relatives at a wedding. It's amazing to clients when you can remember those conversations and bring them up when you see them at subsequent appointments.

But how can you remember to ask a client about the cute corgi that she got four months ago? The best way is to take client notes. After an appointment is over, jot down a few notes about the conversation that you had with the client. Other relevant things to write down could include what nail polish preferences she has or what hair color she was thinking about getting next time.

Then, before your next appointment with that client, read through the notes quickly and you're ready to go. She'll think your a genius with perfect memory, and she'll know that you really care. 

It might seem ineffective to have to keep track of all of your client notes. Here's one solution we've come up with: GLOSS automatically saves client history—and sends it to you before every appointment. Giving you a genius way to keep relationships personal… and clients coming back.

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