How to follow-up with a client and make your relationship even stronger

You should always follow-up with clients right after you work with them. Stylists and artists who follow up have a greater success rate than those who don’t.

You might be wondering, how could I possibly follow up with each client that I see?

It's not as daunting as it seems to have to follow-up with all of them! There are tools you can use to take the load off of you and automate it. If you seek a service that automates thank you’s so you never forget, you always seem on top of it to clients and never let a relationship slip through the cracks, etc. For example, in the GlossGenius app, we provide all users with the option of sending automated follow-up emails.

What should I say when I follow-up with clients?

The content of a follow-up is relatively simple. Thank the client, let them know you appreciate their business. Let the client know how they can contact you if they have any questions or want to book additional appointments. Here's an example of a follow-up note that we automatically send to clients of GlossGenius users: