Empire Building Guide

I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.
— Estée Lauder

At GlossGenius, we’ve worked with thousands of beauty professionals and wanted to share some tips on working independently! We'll walk you through every step of building a successful beauty business. Let’s get started!

Series 2: Growing Your Business

Part 1: So What Do Your Business Numbers REALLY Mean? (And What Should You Be Doing With Them?)

Part 2: 5 Tricks To Build Your Client Following On Instagram

Part 3: 6 Money Saving Hacks That Other Beauty Professionals Are Using

Part 4: How to Get More Reviews From Clients & Use Reviews To Grow Your Business


Series 3: Building Connections

Part 1: Create A Perfect Client Experience in 6 Easy Steps

Part 2: How To Get $1500+ Worth of Bookings in Less Than An Hour With A Texting Feature

Part 3: 18 Promo Ideas That Will Increase Your Clientele

Part 4: What’s the best way to handle a client cancellation or no-show?

Part 5: 6 Easy Salon Decor Tips That Will Make Clients Love You

Articles for this series will be published weekly! Published pieces will be linked on this page. Come back each week to see what new pieces have been released.