BRAINS BEHIND THE BIZ: Chelli, Customer Success Star

Introduce Yourself: Hi! My name is Chelli - I am a creator and connector who loves sharing ideas and inspiration with leading edge individuals. Often find myself relishing life’s delights and challenges -- overcoming my fears, taking myself to the next level, and defining & following the path of my greatest joy.

Why GlossGenius: GlossGenius shares my passion for seamless experiences. Every one of us has great love for what we contribute to Gloss, as well as keen interest & understanding of the needs of our professionals.

GlossGenius Role: I’m a creative thinker and client experience connoisseur. :) I make sure our GlossBosses receive VIP treatment, & ensure all of their questions answered. I dive deep into our advanced features to design strategies and create solutions that help our professionals do what they love.

Fave GlossGenius Feature: I LOVE the personal website where clients can book! One word: GORGEOUS! I mean, see for yourself.

Techy Obsession: With a Fujifilm Instax Share, you can print those cute polaroid pictures whenever you want directly from your smartphone! Makes it so much easier for me than carrying a separate camera.

Fave Beauty Trend: Loving use of oils for nourishment. We’ve heard all about coconut oil, but the true magic for my curls is castor oil! Makes my hair unbelievably happy, healthy, bouncy, & shiny!

Starbucks Order: White chocolate mocha with extra whipped cream on top + 1 cake pop. :-)

Off-Duty: I live in my own fashionista wonderland - love finding new style inspiration and making DIY skincare & haircare products for myself. I enjoy traveling, drawing, design, dancing, and LOTS of Netflix + Hulu.

 Check out Chelli's amazing freelance art! Her portfolio is absolutely stunning.

Check out Chelli's amazing freelance art! Her portfolio is absolutely stunning.

Words to live by: "If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits." - Don Ward