BRAINS BEHIND THE BIZ: Catherine, Intern

Introduce Yourself: I’m a rising junior at Princeton University in New Jersey, studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering (I know, it’s a mouthful). I’m originally from the Washington D.C. area but I’m living in Manhattan for the summer and loving it!

Why GlossGenius? I’m a part of Princeton’s Start-Up Immersion Program in NYC over the summer. Back in the fall when I was applying, there were about 20 start-ups that I could apply to. I chose GlossGenius for 3 reasons:

  1. Challenge Puzzle: Each start-up had a “challenge puzzle” as part of the application. Here’s an excerpt of GlossGenius’s challenge puzzle that got me hooked: A friend has created one pair hipster shoes and wants to start a business selling them for $160 apiece. Your challenge: You need to come up with a business plan to help him sell tons of shoes, but you have a very small budget (say, <$250). How awesome is this question?

  2. Entrepreneurial spirit of the beauty industry: I spend so much time scrolling through Instagram, YouTube vlogs and tutorials, and blogs -- and I realize that professionals in the beauty industry are some of the most creative, hard-working people out there. Working at a startup that creates a seamless experience for these people is incredibly rewarding and inspirational.

  3. Female #GlossBoss: The start-up landscape is male dominated, so working for a company that is founded and run by a female is an amazing opportunity. Danielle is super awesome, because she has a strong sense of self and an infectious energy.

GlossGenius Role: I’m officially a “business development intern,” but I really do a little bit of everything! I’ve developed sales and content marketing strategies, worked on the customer experience team, and also helped design features of the app. Every day is an exercise in expression, design and creativity -- and at the end of the day, it’s always about how what I do will improve the user experience.

Fave GlossGenius Feature: Definitely GlossUp - our text message marketing feature! I put together the feature of Kelsey because I wanted more users to understand how powerful the text message marketing feature can be in getting clients to book appointments and increase profits. Super happy that it’s gotten some good feedback! :)

Fave Beauty Trend: Loving the fact that Asian skincare has become popular in the U.S! Korean face masks and CC Cushions, Japanese sunscreens, etc. Seeing beauty trends go global is fascinating because it reflects how much power technology has to reshape the beauty industry.

Best Advice I’ve Gotten At GlossGenius: My favorite advice that Danielle has given is:

Become an expert at something. When given a task, make sure you become the go-to person to ask if people have questions related to that topic. That’s how you become irreplaceable.

Words to Live By: Fun fact, along with the other two interns, I helped craft most of the motivational quotes that show up in the app. My favorite one is probably:

Go the extra mile - it’s never crowded.