Get to know the Brains Behind the Biz and who's behind all those likes and comments, Alyssa our Social Media Community Manager as she shares her love for GlossGenius and what makes her a #GLOSSBOSS! 

Alyssa Pablo, Social Media Community Manager

@HANDLE: @glossgenius 😉 

BONA FIDES: Academy of Art University, Fashion Merchandising. Lead coordinator for some of San Francisco’s top salons. Founder of SOCIVA.

STARBUCKS: Black house coffee with plenty of room for cream and way too much sugar! Keepin' it simple. 

Introduce Yourself:

Hi! My name is Alyssa but my Starbucks name is “Lola.” I’m a total spirit junkie and proud coffee addict. I’d love to tell you what I do on the daily but I make it priority to keep a sense of adventure in life and find fulfillment in new experiences on the daily. Whether its trying a new work out class, picking up a paint brush, or turning strangers into friends - this is how I stay inspired! 

GlossGenius Role:

I’m the girl behind all things social! I absolutely love engaging with our awesome users every day and am genuinely excited to see their business’s grow with the help of GG via socials. Creating a stunning and cohesive feed is also what inspires me and excited to do my job. I hope to take our followers through a journey of stunning photos, create a community of artists, and make them feel special for being a part of the GlossGenius fam!

Why GlossGenius?

My whole life I’ve always been all things chic and all things digital. While going to school for fashion and running my blog, I paid the bills by being a receptionist working my way up to a lead coordinator at some of San Francisco's top salons. My digital marketing internships encouraged me to start a business on my own on the side doing all things digital so when I came across GlossGenius it became the perfect fit for my background in beauty and tech. Alongside such an amazing team, I love absolutely everything about GlossGenius but my personal connection to it has to be how it gives artists the opportunity to be 100% independent and truly build an entire empire on their own. GlossGenius is literally the app that carries everything that I am and love.  

Fave GlossGenius Feature: REVIEWS! I love seeing our GlossBosses slaying their game. Getting tagged in all of our gorgeous templates, along with their clients giving them love - it couldn't be a more rewarding feeling all around. 

Off Duty: What is “off duty?” When it comes to Social MGMT, you always gotta be tuned in but with my phone by my side, you'll find me hiking somewhere majestically beautiful in the Pacific Northwest, tuned into my #GirlBoss podcasts at my local coffee shop, or being a total homebody watching endless re-runs of "This Is Us" and "The Mindy Project!"

Techy Obsession:  Besides GlossGenius of course, Planoly! My favorite tool for designing and scheduling posts. Couldn't do my job without it!

Beauty Obsession: Face Masks! Because glowing skin is always in. 

Words to Live By:  “Success is owning your story & using it to connect authentically, it is living out your ‘why’ every single day.” - Jenna Kutcher.  With as many filters I deal with on a daily basis, I do my best not to wear any on my own. I've found that authenticity is key when it comes to success from my professional environment to my social and personal life. Your authenticity can make its mark on not just your creations, but in EVERYTHING you do.